Word Of Mouth Kitchen

we make good salads for happy people

San Diego, CA USA


February 7 marked our first anniversary. We thank you all for your support and kindness. We appreciate it and we are grateful.


We are a mobile restaurant and our business is making great salads for happy people and creating memorable taste experience. This is our passion, our focus, and our drive.

Summer Sweetness

The Concept...

Concept?! We don’t need no stinking concept! Who needs concept to make food fun to eat? I grew up in a culture where sheep and goats are the ones to eat leaves and anything green.  In fact, the first time I met a vegetarian, I asked her if she was raised by sheep and goats. That’s how foreign having salads as legitimate meals was to me.  As time went on and I realized there has to be some balance in what I eat, I dreaded eating salads. I had to pinch my nose to shove green leaves down my throat. To help myself, I started to experiment with recipes by mixing and substituting ingredients to enhance the hidden flavors and make salads more fun to eat. The results are the five salads on Word Of Mouth Kitchen menu. There will always be five menu items at Word Of Mouth Kitchen. The menu changes with seasons depending on the produce available, but at the end of the day, the idea is to keep the menu simple, less expensive, and have something for everybody. We are committed to using fresh and sustainable sources as well as supporting local business and farms where we can. Hopefully you are too! 

The Why...

I have always believed that connecting with people keeps us young, happy, and helps us find the common threads in our lives to illuminate the dark path of our journey on this Earth. And what better way to connect with people than giving them a gift or feeding them a great meal they will never forget? Yes, this is really the inspiration behind creating Word Of Mouth Kitchen. I love food, cooking, and people. And when I combined the joy and satisfaction I get from feeding friends to the equation, it made sense to jump head first to create a place where people of all walks of life can congregate to connect, eat, drink, and be merry. After all life is too short, who wants to spend it alone eating microwave dinners.  At Word Of Mouth Kitchen, every bite is exciting, tasty, and delicious so come have a meal with us and extend your longevity. 

The Team...

Kofi Andoh,  The Founder / The Cook / The Worker Bee

Kofi was born and raised in Ghana. He came to the US as a teen and received multiple degrees in engineering and fine arts at Boston, Columbia, and Wayne State University.  Over the years, Kofi has proven himself to be a passionate musician and a playwright and still works as systems / controls engineer in the aerospace industry.  His love for humanity, food, and life led to the birth of Word Of Mouth Kitchen. He is enjoying the experience and the challenges  that come with the mobile restaurant / catering business. He looks forward to the wonderful adventures ahead and dazzling the taste buds of the community with his creations.